(Cleveland, OH)  --  A Cleveland police officer, an FBI agent and an emergency room doctor are among those testifying at today's sentencing hearing for Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro.  Officer Barbara Johnson described the moment she and another officer found Michelle Knight, who had been held captive for years in Castro's home. 

Prosecutors are calling a series of witness as they document the terrible abuse three young women endured while being held prisoner by Castro.  Assistant prosecuting attorney Blaise Thomas told the court it was necessary to provide some detail of the "horrendous offenses" committed by Castro to justify a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  Defense attorney Craig Weintraub had objected to providing graphic information about Castro's offenses, saying he had already pleaded guilty to more than 900 criminal counts. 

Dr. Gerald Maloney said all three victims suffered multiple rapes:

A Cleveland police detective said not every pregnancy ended in a forced miscarriage: