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Jake Bugg's self-titled debut is arguably one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2013. The singer/songwriter hails from Nottingham, England, and although he grew up during the height of the Brit-pop explosion, his brand of folk-rock suggests that he's wise well beyond his 19 years. 

Jake Bugg has already received critical acclaim in the U.K., and with the buzz surrounding the release of his album stateside, Bugg proves that the British Invasion is not only far from over, but also that it's definitely not just about pop music.

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Jake Bugg stopped by the iHeartRadio studios in New York City recently, where he sat down to answer some questions about everything but the music.

What happened to Jacob Kennedy?

Kennedy is my mom's name and Bugg is my dad's name, so it's not a stage name... It's just shorter, you know? It's easy to remember, it's only two syllables. Jake Bugg. So I thought I'd use that.

How did you get here?

Well I was quite fortunate, to be honest. I did a few demos with a guy who knew a guy who ended up being my manager, who knew a guy at a label. The first label we gave [the demos] to wanted to come up to a rehearsal and have a listen. There was no hype or anything, and they took a chance and let me make a record.

When did you realize your whole life had changed?

It seems to just be a continuous journey. It's something that I've wanted to do since I started playing, really, and I knew that I wanted to do it as a career and I hope the momentum keeps building. I remember when I got the deal it was a big thing for me, but once you get the deal that's when the work starts. I've got to just keep going I guess. 

Have you been robbed of your youth?

No, not at all. I knew as soon as I left school that I wanted to go see the world. Before last year, I'd never been out of England so I've got to see a lot of the world in little time and I'm really enjoying it but there is a lot of growing up to do, but you know, I don’t know anything else. It's kind of all I want to do.

What's pretty about getting out of Nottingham?

I get to see the world and meet a lot of cool people. Nottingham, like any other place, has good bits and bad bits. I come from a working class background, so to see all these fabulous places is inspiring for any one person I think. 

What would you like to learn this year?

I'd like to get better on the drums, learn some more grooves on the drums.

Listen to tracks from Jake's album below.

"Lightning Bolt"

"Two Fingers"

"Taste It"

"Seen It All"

Buy Jake Bugg's debut album at the Amazon MP3 store

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