Below are pics from the refrigerators of Robbie, John & Toni. Yesterday, we asked you if you could guess whose is whose.

Below are the results of the voting and the correct answers.

For the above refrigerator, you voted as follows:

Toni 38%

John 34%

Robbie 28%

Looks like the majority got it right. The refrigerator above is Toni's.


For the refrigerator above, the voting was like this:

John 38%

Robbie 42%

Toni 19%

Once again, the majority had it right. That is Robbie's fridge.


For the refrigerator above, here are the survey results:

Robbie 14%

John 25%

Toni 60%

In this case, the majority was way off. That is John's refrigerator, not Toni's.