So many times, we hear about things that happen in other parts of the country and world and we don't really think of the real people impacted by tragedies or hardships, because they are so far away.

But yesterday, I found out about a tragic situation that the family of a former college classmate and friend of mine is going through due to the terrible storm that hit Atlanta about two weeks ago.

His teenage daughter lost her leg, almost both her legs... altmost her life during a car accident due to the icy road conditions.

I'm blown away, knowing his family was going through this at the time I was talking about it on the radio and seeing the pictures on TV. I had no idea. Now, all I can do is tell other people and pray and spread the word so we can help.

This could happen to anyone, but I hope it never happens to anyone again.

CLICK HERE for the story. ~Toni