It happened last night...shots of Toni Foxx in the audience of the TV show, Extra, when Mario Lopez and the crew were shooting at Universal Orlando last week.

Ok, to be fair, they were really just shots of the back of her head. But it was her on national TV!

Here are the pics.



Ok, it might be hard to see, so here are the pics again, with Toni and her friend Melissa circled, so you can spot them more easily.

Mario Lopez is encircled in a heart, as Toni and Melissa project their feelings onto him.

Ok, now to make sure you can really see them, here are the pics of Toni & Melissa magnified and isolated.

There you have it... Toni's briefer than brief career as an extra on Extra. If you blinked, you definitely missed her. Thank goodness for screen shots. LOL!