What a great weekend!  It was going so good.  Kicked off the weekend Friday night at the Jaguars game.  So we lost, what's new.  It was the first time my wife and I went to a game by ourselves.  Date night! 


Saturday was family day.  Went down to my in-laws in Green Cove Springs with 27 others to celebrate my mother-in-law's, Betty Foster, birthday.  Great food, great desserts, and great family time.  Really!


Now, remember I said "it was going so good"?  When we got home, I walked out back and saw something strange in the pool.  OMG!  Not only was there a dead armadillo in the bottom of the pool but there was lots of armadillo poop too.  Must of scared the poop out of it when it couldn't get out!  I'd like to thank my sweet wife Terri for bagging it up for me while I spent several hours cleaning the pool.  Nobody's diving in for a while.