Over 34 years ago, one of the most memorable events in my 40-year radio career happened.  Being WQIK's air traffic reporter at the time, I flew out of Craig Airport twice daily .  One afternoon as I was preparing to take-off, this big red-neck pheasant started checking out the plane and walking around it.  He even chased the plane during the take-off roll!  This pattern continued every day and I talked about it on the radio.  Bingo - Bango!  Me, WQIK, and the bird went world-wide.  A radio contest was held to name the bird and 'Charlie Lindbird' was a great choice.

The fame was short-lived.  Charlie was killled in action when he was sucked into a turbo prop airplane from being too close.  A funeral was held during which Charlie was honored with a 'missing pheasant' formation fly-over.  His headstone still stands in the Pet Memorial Gardens Cemetary.