NEW MUSIC for FREE from Garth Brooks TRIPLE LIVE

LIVE from Notre Dame! Are YOU ready for NEW MUSIC for FREE??? I am!!! Thanks Ticketmaster!!! love, g

Use code GarthTripleLive to get the new album FREE (on desktop only) here 

Download Garth Brooks TRIPLE LIVE for free! Limited Time Offer

Ticketmaster has a special gift to you, download a digital copy of the Limited Fan Mix Version of TRIPLE LIVE, Garth Brooks' latest three-disc live record - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

It's called the FAN-MIX, because you can choose to be in the middle of thousands of voices singing every word OR rush right up on stage and hear the concert the way the band does. THIS is INTENSE and STUPID FUN. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it is JUST LIKE BEING AT A GARTH SHOW.

This EXCLUSIVE offer includes 26 TRACKS and is only available for a LIMITED TIME - while supplies last. Compliments of Ticketmaster.

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