Powerful 'Love Has No Labels' Film Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Why does it take disaster to bring us together? This is a question that is brought to the forefront in a new short film called Rising, as part of the Ad Council's Love Has No Labels campaign.

Directed by David Nutter (who directed Game of Thrones' famous "Red Wedding" episode), and written by Lena Waithe (creator of The Chi & co-writer/actress in the Netflix series Master of None), Rising tells the story of how one extremely diverse community comes together in a time of crisis, rising above their differences during a very scary time. 

During a terrifying flood, a woman's life is at stake when she becomes trapped in her house, unable to get out — and with her children refusing to leave her side, despite her son's efforts. The Indian Muslim family is ultimately aided when their neighbors, who are all different by race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, come to the rescue; despite glaring tension highlighted in the beginning of the film before the flood. It takes every person's effort to save this family, and ultimately, save the entire block.

The short film ends with images of people coming together in the several of the floods that have affected Americans over the last year.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Director David Nutter says of the powerful project, "We live in a time of tribalism. Rising is a story about shifting the way we communicate. Through this film we want people to go from being defensive of those who are different to accepting and embracing our differences."

Lena Waithe adds, "We need stories like this that bring people together, especially now."

Watch Rising above. We dare you not to cry.


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