Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Reveal Their Family Thanksgiving Tradition

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will spend another Thanksgiving together. This year, the two will carry on a tradition they first started back in 2015 when they first got together.

The couple, along with Stefani's three sons, will spend several days in Shelton's home state of Oklahoma. To add to the celebration, they also invite their extended families to join every year.

"We all fly out to Oklahoma, like 30 of us," Stefani tells Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet for The Voice on Monday night (November 25). "Blake has this bed and breakfast hotel that we all stay at, and it's just pretty incredible. We have fun, we all cool together, it's fun."

"This'll be- I wanna say the fourth [year], but it might be more than that," Shelton adds. "We're taking all the Stefanis and then the Shelton bunch are gonna meet up there and just literally [spend] like, five days away."

Stefani's family enjoys any chance they have to get away to Shelton's ranch on Lake Texoma. Stefani recently revealed that the first time her family visited Shelton at his Oklahoma ranch, it was his rugged outdoor skills that won them over.

"We are from Anaheim, so we've never even seen trees before," she recalls during an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show. "We're driving, and Blake's in his truck, and there's a tree that had been blown down in the road. And Blake gets out, and he's like, 'All right,' she recalls.

She continues, "He has a big chain, he pulls it out and he wraps it around the tree and pulls it. My whole family's like 'Oh my god! He's a man!"

Thanksgiving will be a great opportunity for Shelton and Stefani, who are both coaches on this season of The Voice, to rest up. Shelton currently holds the most wins of all the judges and has been around the longest. This season, however, Stefani says he's "floundering," adding, "I'm like the kryptonite."

Ahead of the season, Shelton opened up about how he handles competing with Stefani. "At the end of the day... it's no different than if Gwen and I were playing cards," he says. "She wants to win and I want to win, and that's what they pay us to do on this show, is to try and win."

Photo: Getty Images

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