Florida Lawmaker Wants Special Session To Further Restrict Abortions

Activists Continue To Gather Outside Supreme Court After Historic Overturning Of Roe v. Wade

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While we await a ruling from a Tallahassee judge on the new 15-week ban on most abortions in Florida, one Republican lawmaker wants to start working on tighter restrictions.

“It is murder. They are living beings. They have heartbeats. They, you can see the images. They’re fully developed humans and it’s wrong to murder them.”

Central Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini is asking Gov. DeSantis to schedule a special session to take up his "Heartbeat" bill, which would end abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Reaction is coming in from fellow members of the Florida House of Representatives, like Boca Raton's Kelly Skidmore.

“I feel very strongly that that is not a place for government. That this is a personal freedom. This is not an issue that can be dealt with in that short of a time, nor is it an emergency that we need to spend taxpayers’ money and send 160 people up to Tallahassee including their staff to make this decision in a rushed environment.”

And State Rep. Jervonte Edmonds of West Palm Beach.

“I am prepared to fight against those potential laws that may reduce 15 weeks to 6. But I’m fully in opposition to that.”

But it's not just Democrats speaking out against Sabatini's desire to hold a special session.

“I think what we have in Florida is very reasonable. And I think it’s a little bit sad that a sitting State Representative would try to make politics out of this issue.”

Republican State Rep. Rick Roth of Palm Beach County thinks Sabatini is trying to get attention for his Congressional bid. That's something Sabatini denies.

“For four years we’ve done this Heartbeat Bill. We’ve filed every year. We asked for the bill to be heard every year. We’ve been fighting for it. So this is not a new issue. So anybody who is saying that is clearly not following the issue here in the state of Florida.”

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, DeSantis said he would now work "to expand pro-life protections." But it's unknown whether he'd be in favor of a special session.

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