Jodi & Donna- Living like he’d Received a Terminal Diagnosis

Jodie is an Army veteran who served as an Infantryman and a Civil Affairs Specialist. Jodie deployed twice to Iraq, while state-side he was stationed at Fort Hood and Fort Bragg. Before learning about K9s For Warriors, Jodie attempted other ways to receive a Service Dog. Nothing ever worked out, and he lost a lot of money pursing those other avenues. Reluctant, but still desiring recovery for his PTSD symptoms, Jodie applied to K9s For Warriors.

While in the program and after meeting Donna, Jodie noticed he was able to go out and do more things. Jodie described this feeling as a weight lifted off his chest and he was excited to explore this newfound freedom.

After graduating, Jodie and Donna have created an inseparable bond. "If I hadn't come to K9s and I hadn't met Donna I

absolutely would not be here."

 Jodie often expresses how thankful he is for the bond that he and Donna share. K9s For Warriors paired him with his forever battle buddy and he s thankful that Donna is there to save his life every day.

 "Since meeting Donna, since that first day when she put her paw on my leg and just kind of told me things are going to be okay, my life has never been the same.

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