Lauren Alaina Gets Over Her Ex With 'A Walk In The Bar' After Heartbreak

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Lauren Alaina marked the start of her next era of music with the first two tracks on her soon-to-release EP. The powerhouse singer-songwriter promised listeners will recognize the “same old me” in her new music, “just unlocked.”

Alaina released “A Walk In The Bar” and “Hangovers” on Friday (June 2), sharing the first tracks from her collection that’s slated to become available on June 9. The first track sees the American Idol alum easily getting over her ex after a breakup, hitting the town and finding someone new: “Boy it’s gonna be/ A Walk in the bar/ Walk in the bar/ Find me a cowboy/ Kiss him in the dark / Do a little two shot two step/ Dance floor forget/ Tonight if you see me/ I’ll be/ Drinking for free/ Imma make movin’ on look so easy/ Who says heartbreak’s gotta be hard/ Getting over you is just a walk/ A walk in the bar.”

The other new track from the Georgia native, however, notes the difference between heartaches and hangovers: “If heartaches were like hangovers / Like mornings after being some last call closer / I’d still feel beat down when I wake up/ Still only have me to blame but / Only thing killing me’d be my head/ Wouldn’t even remember what I had to forget/ I could hurt like hell and be better by noon/ But heartaches ain’t hangovers boy so I ain’t over you / Heartaches ain’t hangovers boy so I ain’t over you.”

  1. A Walk In The Bar
  2. Hangovers
  3. Don’t Judge A Woman
  4. Smaller The Town
  5. Like Her
  6. Thicc As Thieves (feat. Lainey Wilson)

Alaina announced her soon-to-debut EP, Unlocked, on her social media channels on Thursday (June 1). She said that “sometimes you have to look all the way back to really move forward. My heart is completely Unlocked with this new project. This is just the beginning.” Alaina reportedly teamed up with fellow country star Lainey Wilson on a duet on the project, and includes songs co-written by Cole SwindellLuke Bryan and other powerhouse singer-songwriters. Listen to the first two Unlocked tracks here:

“A Walk In The Bar”

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