As Jill Biden Visits Tampa, Prominent Local Democrat Urges Joe Out

TAMPA -- As the first lady visits today, A prominent Democrat and Tampa city council member is calling on President Biden to get out of the race.

First Lady Jill Biden visits a veterans' organization post in Tampa this afternoon as part of a swing that includes North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

But a leading Florida Democrat is saying no to the first lady's re-election message.

Tampa city councilman Alan Clendenin, also a member of the Democratic National Committee, calls on Biden to step down. He says on his Facebook page that Biden will be remembered well, but this election is about the next four years, not the last three and a half. Clendenin says Vice President Kamala Harris should be the party nominee.

President Biden has said in a letter to House Democrats that he's "firmly committed" to staying in the race, as millions have already voted for him as the party nominee.

Photo: Getty Images

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