The Number to watch from the State of Florida- Percent Positivity

This is what UF doctors are watching. All charts come from our news partner at News4Jax and the City of Jacksonville.

This graph was included in the Florida Department of Health report 'Coronavirus: summary of persons being monitored, persons under
investigation, and cases' on June 11, 2020.

UF Doctor:

“We tend to like watching the percent positivity," Neilsen said. "That’s a measure of how many people tested positive of the people who were tested. So, that accounts for that increased testing.”

While the statewide percent positivity of new cases shows a recent spike, the same data set for Duval County indicates a downward trend.

Neilsen said it’s very important for citizens to get vaccinated ahead of the 2020 flu season, as hospital capacity might not be able to handle a swell of both viruses at the same time, should a major resurgence of COVID-19 occur.

This graph shows the percent of new COVID-19 cases over time in Duval County. This data was rendered by the City of Jacksonville's Emergency Preparedness Division on June 11, 2020.

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