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Is Florida Georgia Line OVER?

We all know that Brian and Tyler said on Instagram that they are not breaking up and that they will both have solo projects out this year last year. Now that being said. Here are the newest comments from Brian and Tyler and we want you to be the judge. Florida Georgia Line will be at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam June. Will it be the last time we see them in Florida as FGL?

Brian Kelley of FGL CMT article, You better see us this summer if you want to see us.

Tyler Hubbard's comments on 92.5 XTU  about what the future holds for FGL.

Tyler Hubbard said, that Florida Georgia Line, and their solo careers, can’t co-exist:

“Right now, it’s hard to say if there is a world where they can co-exist. I naturally want to go all-in on what I am doing, so I don’t know.

We all know how much goes into making a career work, and for me to try to manage and successfully try to execute two careers simultaneously just seems… I’m not going to say impossible but not very realistic.

I was kind of the one who said, ‘It’s either this or that, it’s your choice,’ and he chose to do the solo thing, and it pushed us in that direction.”

“We’re never gonna shut the FGL door, let’s leave it open, we might circle back around and wanna do something someday.

For now, let’s fully focus on the task at hand, which is pursuing the solo thing, and we will circle back. A lot of that was in an effort to preserve the friendship and the brand we had built together.”

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