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Kenny Chesney's New Key Lime Rum -Is It Good?

Thanks to Kenny Chesney, a bottle of Blue Chair Bay Rum's new flavor, "Key Lime Rum Cream" was delivered to 99.1 WQIK.  So I opened it up and randomly had co-workers taste test it, without telling them what it was.

How delicious does this bottle look? I didn't want that to sway their opinion, so I disguised it in a purple cup.

Catalina thought it tasted like...spiked milk! And it's kind of cute how she gets when we kept her guessing what it was.

John made up a new word when describing it-they might want to use it in their campaign!

Toni loved it too!

Seth liked it, but his mama may not approve of his description.

The bottom line is that all 4 loved this new flavor, Key Lime Rum Cream. And they seemed to be happier at work the rest of the day (!)

And anything that Kenny Chesney is involved with, you know that the ingredients and the beverage is going to be the best in quality.

How about some music to go along with this tasty beverage?

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