Day Trip From Jacksonville to See Manatees

The Blue Spring State Park is only about an hour and half drive from Jacksonville, and this past weekend was road trip time!  88 manatee were  just hanging out!  

What a jewel of a park so close to us. It's a great day trip in the winter to see the beautiful clear waters and of course, the manatee!

Here's some video of what you might be able to see in the park. And admission is just $6 per car!

The water is crystal clear, but the sun wasn't hitting right for my iphone to capture the 88 manatee, but they're there, I swear!

There is a cool boardwalk so that you can walk the entire length of the blue spring, and see fish and other wildlife.

And even the squirrels want attention. Yeah, I'm weird. But I have never heard a squirrel squawking like this!

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