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Top 5 Work Stresses

71% of people say that they're stressed out at work, and here are the top 5 reasons. Just because these stress us out, there are great examples of people who overcome the work stress and thrive.

#5 Working in the public eye

If you're in the public eye, everyone has an opinion and that can be stressful. Carrie Underwood has shown us how to have a very public job, and handle it with grace and never look stressed.

#4 Physical Demands

When asked how their day is going, some people say, "It's a lot easier than digging a ditch". But what about the ditch diggers? Maybe the solution is an assistant like this guy.

#3 Competitiveness. 

If this happens at work, remember to just stay classy.

#2 Their job's life or death implications for another person. 

If you're a police officer, firefighter, soldier, surgeon, we salute you! Thanks for all that you do.

#1 Deadlines! 

30% of workers said that deadlines stressed them out the most. Uh....and don't forget to get the cover on that report in time while you're at it.

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