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6 Best Moments at Luke Bryan's Concert

Luke Bryan just brought his "Kill The Lights" tour to Jacksonville, Florida and what a night it was! Everybody from 4 year olds to 90 year olds were spotted having their "speakers go boom boom".  

As I was getting ready to go to sleep that night, these 7 moments kept re-rolling through my head, and thinking about a Luke Bryan concert isn't a bad thing at bedtime.

1.  Luke Has the Best Opening Artists

This tour has the two Bretts-Brett Young and Brett Eldredge. Brett Young's voice is so soulful and everyone was singing along to his number one song, "Sleep Without You". 

Brett Eldredge - so full of energy and he put on a great show!

2.  The Kids

There were a few kids at the show having the time of their life. How great would it be to have your first concert be a Luke Bryan show. I was standing behind a little guy whose dad was holding him during the show, and he had on headphones to protect his ears...and a big old smile!

3.  Unleashing Your Inner Dance Moves

Luke Bryan had everyone on their feet. And whether they were swaying with their better half or shakin' it like a country girl, it all felt good.

4.  Shot Time!

Luke has a tradition of bringing up his opening artists and doing shots with them onstage. Even though it would seem like it's staged, each show and each time it's a little different, and always fun. Just like shot time with your friends!

5.  Luke's Fan Shout Outs

Every show, Luke seems to find the couple with the sign that need help with a proposal, or a super fan who just wants to say hi! He shouts out to them, makes a few jokes, and everyone feels like they're all part of a big moment in someone's life.

And Luke even gives marriage advice.

6.  Luke Bryan Makes Us Feel Good, and We Want to Pay it Forward

Luke likes everyone to have a good time, and if he does what it takes to make sure everyone has a good time. So he dances. And we leave the show wanting to make our friends and family happy. Thanks for a fun time Luke!

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