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5 Fun Moments at the #ACMS

Great country music, glitzy Vegas, and a dose of Luke Bryan humor made for a great ACM show on CBS this year. Here are a few of my favorite moments on the show and on social media.

1.  Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley did a great job cracking jokes, but mostly the joke was on them! They joked about spending some time as members of "The Thunder Down Under". 

 Luke even spoke to his wax figure (who is always smiling)

And then there was this

2.  The Performances were fantastic! Could you feel the electricity between Keith Urban and  Carrie Underwood when they sang "The Fighter"?

And Miranda Lambert just needed her heart and her guitar for this performance of "Tin Man"

3.  Thomas Rhett 

Thomas took home 3 awards, and his humble acceptance speeches made us love him even more! How sweet is this celebration with his wife Lauren?

4. Shoutouts to country music!

When country musicians get excited about country music and shout it out onstage, it makes us feel like we're all part of really fun club of fans!

5. The Pool After Party

Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett know how to celebrate after the show is over and it involved cannonballs!

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