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5 Things to Take To Tortuga Music Festival

1.  Sunscreen. Because that would be a whole lot of red hurt the next day.

2. Comfy shoes. There's a lot of beach walking between stages. And you may even run when you hear your favorite artist on the OTHER stage!

Like Sam Hunt last year....

And you never know when you just might plant a Sea Oat to help save the beach.

3.  Bicycle if you can! Traffic is crazy, Uber surges, and one way to give your feet a break is bringing your two wheeler.

4.  Cash Money - Nothing worse than running out of money. And beer.

5.  Flexible attitude 

Be ready for anything to happen! Good and something that turns into good.

Last year, a storm rolled through and we had to evacuate the beach for a few hours. 

Oh well. Found a restaurant and chilled. 

One year, it poured down rain during a concert. 

Oh well. Let's get tacos!

Then I ran into Brett Eldredge on the beach-yes!

And when you're fitting in bikes, cooler, hats, bathing suits, and driving 4 1/2 hours, it's nice to have a comfortable ride. This Sorento from Family Kia of St. Augustine is perfect!

Especially on the way home, when shotgun rider needs to recline and catch some zzzzzs before working again!

Seriously, this big cooler fit in the backseat and there's still room for 2 friends!

And, it's all about the turtles!  "Tortuga" is turtle in Spanish. This festival started with the vision to help save the sea turtles. Hug a turtle if you get a chance.

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