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Bring This With You Every Time You Camp

We're camping at the Suwannee River Jam, and we always bring these along with the beers in our cooler.

You can make these ahead of time,  freeze them,  and then warm them up on a fire or grill. Yum!

1. Make all of your ingredients and place in bowls. Warm up the tortillas in a pan on both sides, slide it onto a plate or counter, and spoon your ingredients onto the tortilla.

Roll it by folding over two sides towards each other, and then make a flap with one of the other ends, and then roll!

I mix and match different ingredients depending on tastes, and mix up the tortillas too. Then I wrap with aluminum foil, and place 4-5 in a ziplock.

If you like salsa and guacamole, bring it with you, it's so delicious!

Here's a little taste of the Suwannee River Jam from last year:

Thanks to TravleCamp, look for our "Meet and Greet Camper" out in the big field!

Breakfast Burritos (24)

12" tortillas

Combo of any or all of what you like:

1 dozen eggs, scrambled

6 potatoes cut in cubes and fried

block of cheddar cheese

Stir fried spinach, mushrooms, red peppers




Mix it up with your fave ingredients!

On the side:





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