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Billy Currington's Favorites On The Grill

Billy Currington stopped by the WQIK Backstage BBQ at the Suwannee River Jam and shared some recipes that he likes to make.  Have you ever heard of "Dancing Duck"? 

Turns out Billy really likes to grill. He shares how he makes the perfect fish, and how he loves shrimp. Especially since he can get them right from his backyard.

Dancing Chicken (or Duck)

Whole chicken or duck

Oil or butter

Can of beer


Pour out (or drink) about half the can of beer. rub the bird with oil or butter, and season the outside and the inside. Place the half full beer can on a solid surface, and plop the bird cavity over the beer can (or as Billy calls it, the "chicken booty").

It will look like a tripod... or a chicken that's dancing! Cook for about 2 hours (Billy said up to 3) on the grill with the lid down(180 degrees in the thigh area) and let rest for about 10 minutes after you take it off the grill.

Grilling is one of many of Billy's talents! Here are some great moments from the Suwannee River Jam 2017

Thanks to TravelCamp for providing our "meet and greet" camper and Whole Foods for loading us up with good eats!

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