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Jerrod Niemann's "Slap Ya Mama" Drumsticks

Jerrod Niemann stopped by the WQIK Backstage BBQ at the Suwannee River Jam and shared his recipe for grilled drumsticks. He's even got a secret ingredient!

Slap Ya Mama with a Drumstick recipe

2 packages chicken drumsticks

Olive oil

Slap Ya Mama Cajun seasoning (dry)

Hot sauce-Louisiana or Sriracha (whatever you like)

Fake Butter (!)

Mix the seasoning over the raw drumsticks with the olive oil, and then lay them on the grill. When they get going a little bit, squeeze out some hot sauce on each of them. After a few more minutes of grilling, spray on some fake butter. Keep checking on them, and spraying the fake butter if needed. When they start looking like a lollipop, they're on the way to being done.

This song goes perfectly with Slap Ya Mama with a Drumstick chicken. #DrinkToThatAllNight

Here's the whole Backstage BBQ video...we did hear that the drumsticks that were on the grill....burned to a crisp backstage while they were performing. So maybe we should add to the recipe-check on those drumsticks every once in a while ha ha!

Thanks to TravelCamp for providing our meet and greet camper and Whole Foods Jacksonville for the good eats!

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