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What to Wear at the Country 500 in Daytona

We can't wait for three days of country music at Daytona International Speedway with the Country 500

Here are some looks from last year if you're trying to figure out how to stay cool and look cool too.

Boots. It gets dusty! Just make sure they're comfortable, you're going to be walking. A lot.

Your patriotic wear-it's country music and Memorial Day weekend as well.

Something cool-it's hot walking back and forth from stage to stage.

Matching funny shirts. Easier to find your friends!

Hats and bikinis!

Braids. It gets hot!

Cold drink in your hand. Keeps your body cool!

Great accessories, like "your girls". So much more fun!

Bikini and your singing dog.

Suspenders if you got 'em!

See you at the Country 500 this year!

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