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What Chris Janson Would Say to Graduates if He Was the Valedictorian

Chris Janson joined 99.1 WQIK at Bar 'Merica, their "hydration" station set up at Country 500, The Great American Music Fest, this Memorial Day weekend!

He bashfully told us about his his history as a valedictorian - in his own words, "I happened to be one of those nerds!" - and then gave us a sample of the valedictorian speech he would give to graduates. 

Knowing what he knows now, Chris actually has some wise and very sweet things to say when giving advice to those looking forward to their futures right now. And his words could really apply to anyone, not just people trying to make it in the music industry.

Watch it for yourself:

Here's what he said, in case you aren't able to listen to the video:

"Hey ladies and gentlemen, people of my age. This is Chris Janson, your valedictorian of 2017. I just want to say that you should only do what you want to do in life; never do what somebody else wants you do to in life. Even when it feels like, 'Oh my god, I don't know what I'm doing in life!' you should do it your own way. 

Plus, I'll say it this way, too: there's two ways to look at life. There's one way of just being a good person, there's one way of looking at it spiritually if you're a Christian like me. You should just pray really heard and, just, answers will be laid on your table. If you haven't gotten that far, if you're just maybe not there in your life, I would say this to a graduating class -- I would say this to my graduating class, I would say this to anybody -- you should just follow your heart and gut instincts.

Because everyone was born with a conscience, everybody knows right from wrong, it's just the simple basics of life."

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