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7 Must See Places to Visit in St. Augustine

Adventures are my thing, but sometimes $$$ are a little tight. Thank goodness we've got St. Augustine in our backyard. I jumped into a Kia Soul thanks to Family Kia of St. Augustine and spent the day visiting these 7 places and had a blast.

Bonus: got to sleep in my own bed at night

1.  The Fort

Not too many towns have a fort, but the Castillo de San Marcos is 315 years old and in the heart of St. Augustine. You can walk around for free, and there are tours and when the weather's nice, cannon firings!

btw, I'm liking my ride for the day, but I name all of my I'm calling her Ginger. Just because she's red hot. And now we're going to drive across....

2. The Bridge of Lions

This is really just a drive across this iconic bridge because nothing beats the view as you come in over from the East side and see the Spanish architecture burst out above the intracoastal waterway.

3.  The Pier and the Beach

The St. Johns County Ocean Pier is a great place to fish and come to the beach. Don't miss Splash Park next door-it's free water fountain fun and a waterfall for the kids to splash around in.

4.  The Alligator Farm

I looove this place! This is more than a stop, you need several hours here to check out the animals and really remember why we love Florida so much.

5.  The St. Augustine Ampitheater

Music in an outdoor ampitheater? Yes please. There's also camping at Anastasia State Park right next door with beach access.

6. The Lighthouse

This is the place to go to climb up all 217 steps and see the beautiful view of St. Augustine and the water.

Thank goodness Ginger (this red hot KIA) is cool and waiting for me to see the beautiful view of...

7. The Intracoastal Waterway

This area is just off the St. Augustine South neighborhood with 2 boat ramps and some crazy low tides! Perfect for kayaking, fishing, or watching the sailboats.

This really could have been 7 DAYS of St. Augustine because there's so much more to visit. And thank you Family Kia of St. Augustine for lending me the perfect KIA for exploring. "Ginger" definitely has an adventurous...SOUL?  Yeah, I went there.

Here's hoping you end up with some sand in your ride! It's the sign of having had a great time.

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