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Kenny Chesney Road Trip

I love me some Kenny Chesney! Hearing that Kenny was performing one of his scarce concerts this year in Orange Beach, Alabama, I packed some shorts, no shoes and a Wild Child attitude and road tripped the 6 hours.

Kenny brings along this lovely lady to every show and she shared her booty with me. Aaaargh! 

It was hot and steamy and almost a full moon when Kenny took the stage and jolted us into party mode!

Kenny even brought out the openers, the band Midland, to get everyone moving and get us as sweaty as possible!

Of course, driving home for 6 hours is not usually as much fun as driving TO a concert, so I was inspired to keep the Kenny vibe going....stopping at the Flora- Bama on the border of Florida and Alabama.

And there's an Airstream parked inside the Flora Bama with this Sailor Jerry logo....

They had just had a church service and were  getting ready for another, live music and all. Nice!

And being in this part of Florida, I had to stop and shake this guy's hook.

One more stop because I brought a cooler with lots of room.

It's what's for dinner tonight!

Thank you Kenny Chesney! All it takes is one weekend of being part of the No Shoes Nation and the soul has been refreshed.

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