How to Get Out Of a Ticket Like Luke Bryan

Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket?  When I was 18 it sure seemed like it was easier to say, "I'm sorry officer" with a big old smile and get out of a few tickets that I know I couldn't afford! 

When you're Luke Bryan, he's still smiling and getting out of tickets. He was in Wyoming and took his guys out fishing before a concert. They were 3 hours away so they had to zip to get back and got pulled over.

The officer asked, "Where you guys going" and Luke says, "I'm performing tonight over at Cheyenne Frontier Days". And the officer says "Oh you are, huh, who are you?" Luke said, "Yeah I'm Luke Bryan".

The officer says "Dude!". And let him out of the ticket. 

It's nice to be Luke Bryan.

Bet he had a cooler full of fish too.

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