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5 Best Things At Hulaween

All weekend at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, people smiled and randomly said "Happy Hula!" to each other. Here we were, camping with 20,000+ strangers in the middle of the woods and there were lots of treats!

1.  The Music

There are at least 5 stages of live music. Music gets started at 12 noon and goes into the early hours of night. The String Cheese Incident is the energy behind this festival-their music has elements of so many genres-bluegrass, rock, electronica, country, funk jazz, Latin, reggae.  And that kind of sums up all of the variety of music all weekend.

2. The Lights and Special Effects-In the Woods!

Seriously, how do they have lasers for miles (in the trees), light shows from the stage, fire, fireworks, and have the most pristine musical sound at the same time?

3. The Spirit of the Suwannee area

Bigger than life art, DJ booths with fire, teepees, hammocks, swings, butterfly garden, hula hoop classes (!), waterfalls-this place was a great space to walk and chill. There was even a blackjack booth and you played for whatever was in your pockets (no money). Players were going back to their tents to get stuff to gamble with.

And the complimentary bar was a big hit. You walked over and as you waited for a drink, they gave you compliments. No drinks, just compliments lol.

4.  The Outdoor Setting

The Spirit of the Suwannee Park is beautul-thousands of trees, Spirit Lake, and you can even canoe down the Suwannee River if you want. Or take a dip off the beach into the river.

5.  The Fans

Everyone is chill and relaxed. And bring your costume and decorations for your campsite.  It's all about Hulaween and bringing your sense of humor. Happy Hula!

How to do it next time:

Get your tickets early! They sold out this year. And if you can, get an upgraded campsite for the person with a camper and have your friends pitch their tents in the same site.  

This TravelCamp Camper is perfect, towed by our Duval Ford truck. You can fit a lot of supplies and you'll all be happy campers.

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