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Florida Graduates Get Free Crocs

The Seminole High School Class of 2018 sure sounds like they will be ruling the world soon.  The school asked that they wear "white or light colored shoes" to their graduation. Some of the ladies were worried that white heels wouldn't be so great on artificial turf, so one of the students suggested, "What if we all wore Crocs?"

Her friend had an idea. What if they tweeted the Crocs company? Maybe they could help out.

And the Crocs company responded: "2018....obviously"

So the friends got to work and got their friends, family, teachers, students to start tweeting.

And they got 2018 retweets!

And Crocs sent 124 pairs of Crocs to Seminole High.

Now that's smart! And a great memory from their graduation year.

By the way, if you want to bring back your graduation memories (whether it was big hair of big crocs), iHeartRadio has created a playlist for every graduating class from 1950 through 2018 at So cool!

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