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Five Fashion Hits at Tampa's Shania Twain Concert

Shania Twain came to Tampa's Amalie Arena on Saturday and these fans knew what to wear!

1. Anything Leopard

Shania can pull off head to toe leopard print, and so can the fans! There were lots of animal prints spotted at the show.  

Even leopard shoes!

2. Sparkle

There were lots of ladies getting their shine on!

3.  Fringe

Because Shania may like the sparkle and leopard, but deep down we know she's also down to earth just like we are.   She helps us channel our inner Country Boho when we're in the mood.

4.  Song Lyric T-shirts

Because sometimes you want to make an entrance as the party group. And it's easier to keep track of the whole squad. Because there's always the one that wanders off...

5.  Twinning Concert Shirts

When you don't have a "thing to wear in your closet" you can't go wrong with this!

And Shania brought the red boots....

Shania Twain puts on a fantastic show and she looked great!

See more concert pics and what else Shania was wearing at the show here.

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