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5 Fun Moments at the Dierks Bentley Show

Dierks Bentley has the perfect song to sing a long to before his show to really get us in the perfect concert frame of mind for a Dierks Bentley party. "Am I the only one who wants to have fun tonight?????".....the lyrics go, and this last Saturday night in Tampa,  EVERYONE wanted to have fun!

Check out these fun moments:

 1.  Tailgating pre-parties

Lots of fans got there early to share food and drinks, hang in lawn chairs and chill, maybe play a little beer pong. Even Dierks Bentley came out to the tailgates to be part of the fun.

These guys!!!

2.  The openers-Hot Country Knights

They opened the show before the openers. But look might recognize Dierks and members of all of the bands under those wigs!! #thosemovestho

3.  Lanco and Brothers Osborne

Lanco showed off what a great band they are, and the Brothers Osborne got the musical mood going.  And when they came out and joined Dierks onstage, the energy went up even more.

4.  Dierks Bentley coming to our ROW!!!


5.  Dierks Bentley "Somewhere on a Beach"

Because that's what we're doing the day after the show to recover from this party!

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