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4 Ways Disney Gets You in the Holiday Spirit

They say that people who start decorating for the holidays early are happier in general. Hmm. I do love the holidays, but rather than digging out the decorations before I've even finished my Halloween candy, I went to Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts instead!  They've done all of the decorating and filled my heart full of jingle.

1.  The Disney Light and Music shows

Every one of the Disney parks has  shows that will even put the Grinch in your crew into the holiday spirit. There's Jingle Bell Jingle BAM (clip below) at Hollywood Studios, The Candlelight Processional at Epcot, Discover the story of India's Festival of lights at Animal Kingdom, it snows during the Sunset Seasons Greetings show at Hollywood Studios.....and so much more!  

2.  The Trees!

Little trees, big trees, palm trees-they're all decorated for the holidays at Disney. Disney Springs even has a Christmas Tree Trail with 27 trees and SANTA!

Check out this yacht tree!
And Little Yachty!

3.  The Crazy Hats and Lights You can Wear

Every year Disney comes out with a different design of lights that you can wear as necklaces. And there are "light up" hats. Just being surrounded by everyone walking around at night all lit up is magical.

Check out these crazy caps this year!

4.  The Cookies

 So YUM! And check out all of the holiday treats from around the world at Epcot for the International Festival of the Holidays. It felt like traveling around the world and experiencing a little taste of so many cultures!

Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Living in Florida has its perks. We can spread out our visits and see it all. If you're a Disney lover, the Annual Pass for Florida residents is a great idea.  Check out all of the info about that here.

Jingle Y'all!

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