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We Camped in the Keys. Found These 5 Fun Spots!

We packed up the camper and hitched it to the pick up truck with no plans except to make it to the middle of the Florida Keys and see what we could find.

Our friends always rave about the fishing and visiting Key West, but we didn't do either during this trip and found some great spots!

1.  Burdine's Restaurant

What a cool tiki spot on the water! We wanted to find lunch spots on the water and this one was relaxed, had great views, and the fries have special fry dust. This place will get you into the "Keys" frame of mind as soon as you walk up the stairs and overlook the beautiful teal water.

2. Kayaking the mangroves

We brought our own kayaks, but there are so many places that not only rent kayaks, but also have guides. We launched out of Sombrero Beach and found these mangroves with lots of "upside down jellyfish" floating by. It was magical. 

Next time, we'll check out kayaking around Geiger Key. We stopped at the Geiger Key Fish Camp for a snack, and the water is the most beautiful shade of blue and there was so much wildlife! Not even counting the wildlife at the restaurant ha ha!

3.  Sunset sail on Catamaran Sirius

This was awesome! We sailed and watched the sunset on a catamaran, drinks included! We were even lucky enough to be onboard while a couple got married by the Captain!

4. Big Pine Key. The Deer and the No Name Bar!

There are little Key Deer everywhere you drive around this key. And we drove around in circles for a long time trying to find the No Name Bar! It's filled with dollar bills hanging from the ceiling and walls (some estimate there's over $90,000 in wallpaper), and it just feels like a lot of those stories that happen in the Keys, happened here. Fun find!

5.  Key Fisheries. Fresh Fish and Key Lime Pie

Here's another place to google if you're cooking your own food, but need someone to  catch it. They've got all kinds of great fresh fish, even though we nicknamed the guy "Grumpy Grouper Man".  He probably wanted to be outside enjoying the Keys, but he hooked us up with Grouper and the BEST KEY LIME PIE. Made there. Buy the WHOLE pie. You won't be sorry.

Well, that was just a taste of what we saw over 3 days.  We can't say enough about the Jolly Roger Campground. We stayed in a camper, but check out this ocean view you can get with a tent! And we had the nicest neighbors in the campground. They were from Tarpon Springs, and they made plates of their delicious fish and brought it over to our site to share. That's how campers do!

My view for morning coffee in the campsite!

Until next time....

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