Marie Kondo's Tips for Decluttering

New Year. And I wanted to start the year off with everything in it's place and organized in my home. So as I was scrolling through Netflix, I saw this series with Marie Kondo. She helps regular people declutter their homes with all of the stuff that they have accumulated.

She started with one couple by having them put ALL of their clothes on their bed and then going through each piece and ask if it "sparked joy". Then they did the same in the garage and with sentimental items.

The basic idea is that you surround yourself with ONLY the stuff that makes you happy. And all of your stuff needs to have a place. It helps avoid clutter, and you'll always know where everything is.

And she really respects her things that she does have. Check out this video where Marie shows how to fold her clothes to make more space and to keep things neat and easy to find. Have you ever seen anyone so happy folding a camisole?

I'll definitely try to use some of her ideas in the future, but so far I've spent all my extra time watching Netflix. And wondering if anybody else feels joy folding socks?

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