James Gandolfini's Son to Star in a New Sopranos

Looks like the Sopranos is coming back...kind of. It will be a prequel movie and be about Tony Soprano as a young guy. And who better to cast than James Gandolfini's son, Michael. 

James Gandolfini played the iconic Tony Soprano and his son wasn't just handed the job. Michael reportedly was part of an extensive audition process. And not only did Michael have great screen presence, he was able to bring in the original Tony Soprano's mannerisms. And not to mention he has the family resemblance.

Sounds like Michael finally caught up with the show when he was old enough. It seems like he wasn't allowed to watch it when he was younger and still had yet to catch up with all of the shows back in 2014.


Can't wait to see this prequel, which will be called "The Many Saints of Newark".

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