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Zac Brown's Philosophies on Life Inspires Us-5 Takeaways

I was lucky enough to see Zac Brown being interviewed in person in Nashville, and he is SOOOOO inspiring. He has done so many things in his life already, like making great music with the Zac Brown Band. Building the Camp Southern Ground to provide extraordinary experiences to kids. Getting involved with businesses that he really believes in and helping them grow.

He says he's constantly trying to grow as a person so that he can "do more good", and he shared a few of the thoughts that guide him.

1. Love Excellence.

Zac says that he loves and gravitates towards excellence. Whether it's making the best knife, or a really great musician, he wants to be part of it. And so he invests in companies that make the most "excellent" of whatever they do. He was super excited about this hat that he said was made by the best hat maker he's ever met.

2. People don't work for him, they work "together".

When someone asked a question in the audience and referred to "people who work for him", he made sure that we all knew that any collaboration he does is with a team that works together.

3. ...and if you work with people you don't want to be around, don't. Life's too short.

4. Have your own hustle!

Zac says he gravitates towards people who make things happen in their own lives and really work hard. Probably because that's what he's always done and continues to do in his life.

5. Grow more good

This iis what drives Zac-to put more good in the world. He said that goodness can be hard to find. His mission with whatever he does is to keep growing the good.

Zac Brown Band has new music and they're on tour all year.

Check it out!

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