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5 Nashville Musicians Worth Discovering

I was just in Nashville and it always amazes me how many talented musicians there are. Here are just a few artists worth seeking out if you're looking for new music.

1. Tennille Townes

She's from Canada and has several hits there, including this one, "Somebody's Daughter". She has a big heart. She's raised over $775,000 for a homeless shelter. And this song was inspired by a girl on the side of the interstate holding on to a cardboard sign.

2. Logan Mize

He's been in Nashille for a while writing music and opening for acts like Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley.

3. Lauren Jenkins

She's been touring since she's 15(!) and she is multi talented. When her record label asked her to put together a music video, she created a beautiful mini-movie. She probably just made a few more fans after performing on the Today show.

4. Hardy

Hardy is a songwriter. And when a record label (now his label) asked if he'd ever want to be a performer he said sure! I saw him in Nashville and we had the best time!

5. Abby Anderson

She's got her own style and she is full of fun. And she's smart. She graduated from high school early so she could start her music career. She's from Texas, which explains her big voice, everything's bigger in Texas!

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