Bird Drops a Fish Onto Florida Baseball Field During Game

If only the outfielder was looking up he could have caught....a dead fish.

The Jacksonville University Dolphins baseball team was hosting Alabama's Jacksonville State University, and during the game and Osprey flew over the field with a fish in its claws. It was being chased by an Eagle, and the bird dropped its fish. During the game.

The best part is the play by play by the announcers. Maybe nature videos need play by plays! I couldn't wait for the Eagle to score the dead fish at any moment.

But the eagle was beat by the Jacksonville University Dolphin...yes a Dolphin ran out and scooped up the dead fish on the baseball field.

If you've ever seen Ospreys in Florida, these birds are really good fishers The teams are lucky that the Osprey wasn't flying over with a shark. This is only a little shark, but check out this Osprey with his shark dinner!

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