Chris Janson Shares Good Vibes

Chris Janson is one grateful person. If you ever get in a conversation with Chris, he won't talk about himself, except to say that he loves life and that we choose to be nice (or not) every day. That's where this song, "Good Vibes" came from. Chris got together with some other writers and they were complaining about things, like we all do, and Chris just said, "good vibes only". And Zach Crowell, the other co-writer on the song said, "we should be probably write that". And so they did.

We can all learn from Chris's outlook on life. He drove to Nashville and slept in his car while he started his career while playing at Tootsies. And when he looks back on that time he says he always felt like he was winning. He says, "When you wake up, you're winning".

So if you need a shot of "Good Vibes" this video just might be what you need. And all those good vibes have created Chris's beautiful family, who star in the video.

And if you run in to someone who wants to destroy your good vibes for the day, you know what to tell them..."Shut yo mouth"!

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