Florida Singer From Tampa on American Idol And She Could Win It!

I haven't watched American Idol on the regular for so many seasons, but lately it's been on in the background in the hopes of catching Luke Bryan doing something great for the contestants. And he has-check out his epic boot gift giving moment here.

And then I heard her voice. I wasn't even looking at the TV, I was trying to teach my dog new tricks or something, and Raquel Trinidad's version of "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" and it made me stop and look up.

Even Luke Bryan made a "surprised" face. She's from Florida (Tampa local) and she made it to the auditions in Hawaii on March 31.

Check out a little bit of her awesome voice around :56 into the video.....and cheers to Raquel (and Florida)!

Check out this video that she shared on Youtube when she was 17, it's so good!

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