Reba Lassos Matthew McConaughey While Jimmy Buffett Plays Trombone (!)

Hanging out on a couch was never so entertaining. James Corden invited some of our favorite Southerners to hang out and show off some of their "hidden" talents. Jimmy Buffet played the trombone (!) while Matthew Mconaughey shared how Jimmy Buffet would show up to their movie set by flying his seaplane to and from a day's work. And Reba showed off her rodeo skills, by lassoing a "steer" on TV, a.k.a. Matthew McConaughey.

Not only did they show off their "hidden" talents, they showed what an entertaining moment on a couch looks like.

That's talent!

And in case you missed Reba's opening monologue at the 2019 ACM Awards show, it was funny and classy. Lots of funny stuff, but my favorite is about 3:59 in to this video when Blake Shelton stands up in the audience. And he brought his own microphone. And a HUGE drinky drink!

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