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Garth Brooks Brought the Fun to the Show in the Swamp These 5 Ways

The Garth Brooks show in Gainesville on Saturday, April 20 was epic! 80,000 fans filled Ben Hill Griffin stadium, or "the swamp", and Garth gave us the best show that we'll all never forget.

Here are a few cool ways that Garth made it such a fun and memorable night.

1. 80,000 Fans Singing Along

A video can't capture what it feels like to be in the Swamp with 80,000 fans singing along to ALL of the Garth songs. Couples were dancing, fans were remembering what they were doing in their life with each song, and 80,000 phones using flashlight mode at the same time was amazing.

2. Trisha Yearwood Joining Garth Onstage

Trisha Yearwood joined Garth for a few songs, and before she sang a few of her own songs she and Garth did a fantastic Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks duet, "Stop Dragging My Heart Around". And then Garth launched into a Tom Petty tribute with a few other songs which was a great tribute to Tom.

But how much fun is it singing along to "he got the short end of the stick"?

3. The Stage

It was an "in the round" kind of stage. Everyone had a chance to see Garth Brooks, whether you were in the back, the side, or way up high. He made sure that he ran around all four sides and those video screens were massive! Even if the show started becoming a little blurry, those screens were bigger than life and you could see them anywhere.

4. Trisha's Tailgate Before the Show

Before the Garth show, Trisha Yearwood threw a tailgate outside the swamp. There were couches and tables from her furniture line to make it homey, and chefs making food and drinks using her recipes. Trisha herself showed up and not only did a cooking demonstration, but answered questions from fans.

Can we bring Trisha to all of our tailgates?

5. The Garth/Gators Merchandise

There was a longer line for merchandise than there was for beer, and that's saying a lot! Garth came out with some great t-shirts and hats which tied in Garth's brand with the Gators brand, and everyone wanted one of everything! Bet these become collector's items down the road....

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