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5 Ways Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival Leaves You Inspired

Disney is the master of creativity, and I love visiting because it always inspires me. At Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival, there are dozens of Disney characters, made out of plants. Unbelievable! If Disney can grow Miss Piggy out of plants, I should be able to keep a houseplant alive.

But it's not just the plant topiaries at Epcot, they've added music, more food booths, and fireworks.

1. The Food

Who doesn't love little bites and tastes? Epcot has added booths in all of the countries with lots of chef created mini meals. Seared scallops with green beans in Canada? Beef tenderloin tips in a mushroom Bordelaise sauce? Duck Confit with Tomatos and Olives on Polenta? Yes please. And they brought in more drinks and beers from each of the countries so you felt like you might be visiting, at least in your mind, for a few minutes.

2. Recreating The Disney Character Topiaries With Your Crew

Seriously, this was fun! The pics we got will always make us remember trying to get together and getting the right pose.

3. The Music

Epcot has a Garden Rocks stage, and they bring in national bands like Lonestar, Rick Springfield, and Sister Hazel. And there were great bands from the countries too, so while I was sipping on a Canadian beer, a fantastic band with a very talented fiddle player sang in French.

4. Illuminations, the Fireworks and Light Show

Come see this show before it goes away on September 30, 2019. The lit up earth floats across the water while fireworks, lasers and fire light up the sky.

5. Gardening Inspiration

There's a butterfly garden, Pluto made out of plants with a living sunflower collar, and Piglet with a belly full of succulents. How do they do that? I took lots of pics of the plants so I can create my own butterfly garden at home.

After eating, drinking, listening to music, and taking pics of all of the gardens, the most inspirational part of the day was doing it with my friends and family! What a blast!

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