Chris Stapleton Was On The Game Of Thrones- Here's The Clip

Chris Stapleton was on Game of Thrones on Sunday and you may not have recognized him.

Chris is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and went as far as asking to "be a small part" of anything related to the show. So he played a White Walker on the ground. He said that their training for the part was simply listening to the coach, and when they told them to open their eyes, they opened their eyes. Chris brought part of the band with him, and his bass player and tour manager also got to have a brief cameo.

Chris's wife, Morgane, also shared a pic and a clip. It sounds like she's watching and pointing out when Chris has some screen time. It sounds like she's saying, "there you are" and then giggling a little.

Maren Morris had the perfect comment. Oh. My God.

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