Cow is Missing in St. Petersburg, Florida

Someone stole a cow sculpture from Howard Seltzer's Steakhouse in St. Petersburg and it's turned into a worldwide search! This cow has been a long time fixture and steak fans love taking their pictures with her. Someone loved her so much they mooooved her right out of the restaurant.

She's been missing since April 27 and the reward keeps growing. Surely someone has some information for a $300 gift card to Howard Seltzer's Steakhouse and $1000 cash reward from Old Homestead Steakhouse. Old Homestead is in New York, and they just felt terrible about this whole ordeal because they had a cow stolen years ago. Deja-moo!

Fortunately, Harold Seltzers has been actively passing on cow sightings to help solve this cow mystery.

Has anybody checked Chick-fil-A?

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