Alligator Crashes Picnic and Eats the Guacamole Including the Bowl!

We can never get enough of our alligator stories in Florida! These two planned a date night in Gainesville before Trevor was going to leave for the marines. So Taylor Forte set up the picnic blanket with a really great spread of food. Their water view was really romantic until an alligator came out to join the picnic.

The alligator ate a block of cheese, a salami, half a watermelon, a half a pound of grapes, and a bowl of guacamole. Including the bowl!

And then the gator slid back into the water. With a full stomach.

Meanwhile, Trevor and Taylor have the best alligator story that we're going to love hearing over and over. Especially the way that they tell it! Check out some of the video and pics they got while their picnic was robbed.

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