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The Luke Bryan Drinking Game During the Show

Luke Bryan shows are fun! Luke brings the party every single time and his mood onstage rubs off on us all. But since we've been to a few Luke shows there are a few things we can count on happening at a Luke show. Let's turn it into a drinking game!

But since we will already have been tailgating, this is a great opportunity to hydrate between our red solo cup full of goodness. We're doing shots of water every time Luke does any of this at the concert. We're going to feel so good on Friday because we hydrated!

1. Every time Luke sings or says "Girl"

Luke has a lot of songs that mention "girl" and when he sings "Country Girl Shake it for Me" you'll be taking lots of shots.

2. When Luke Bryan PURRS

Luke doesn't purr every show, so if Luke Bryan purrs, be sure to take a long shot....of water.

And if you haven't heard Luke purr, here's what to look for.

3. When Luke Bryan shakes it onstage

He does this a lot.

4. If Luke Bryan sips a drink onstage

Sometimes Luke invites his openers onstage and they sing a song or two and then do a shot. Sounds like a perfect time to take one with them.


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